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Starman #649127
Current Residence: Stonehenge Base
Skin of choice: Skin is for weak creatures, creatures that break easily.
<<Commence temporary system shutdown>>

The Starman enters the large cylindrical tube, watching as the machine surrounding him begins to connect to his body with all manner of pipes and wires. He is preparing for temporary stasis; the battles that have taken place in the short while he has been on Earth have left the Starman injured and weak. The process will not be quick, but it will be effective. Soon enough, he will be prepared to return, destroying all in his wake.

((So, I'm going to be away for quite some time. I'm going to Ireland for three weeks, and as soon as I get back I'll be away to camp for another. So don't expect to see either Starman or Eight back until late August. I'm sorry it's so long, and that I haven't been very active over the past couple weeks. I've just been getting ready for this big trip. I'll have a laptop with me, so if by some miracle I manage to find a place with internet I'll be on for a little bit. See you all later!))

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The green alien rushed over, a bit out of breath. He stopped to catch it but then stood up straight and saluted to the silver alien with an uneasy face.

"I...I uhm.. I... I learned from a source that Ness may be in or near the city known as Fourside, sir."

He shuffled nervously, feeling quite guilty in all reality.
The Starman looks at the mook briefly, hardly appearing to acknowledge the smaller creature's presence. However, he begins to speak, his voice as cold and emotionless.

"Fourside, you say? I am familiar with the place, yes, but finding the boy may prove rather difficult considering the large density of humans. Simply apprehending the boy would cause mass chaos and panic, and now is not the time for that. Not yet. Continue your reconnaissance, but do not confront the child."

The large metallic alien is about to dismiss his underling before faltering, turning to face the mook. He notes the other extraterrestrial's nervous behavior before beginning to speak again, this time in a voice that was stern and slow, as if each word was being carefully thought over.

"This did you come across it? It is useful, yes...but you mention a source. What, or who, would that be? I am growing concerned with your possible affiliation with these filthy creatures."
"O..Oh! Sir..ok. That does make sense... smart of you.." he paused.

He also knew about Fourside. It was where he was beaten by Ness previously before this.

"I'll watch but stay unseen then sir."

He was about to turn away when he stopped; the Starman's question making him freeze.

"Uhm... Young Mr. Senavi, sir..."
"I see, I see. Well, he is a member of our ranks. Though conversing with him is not strictly prohibited, I would advise caution. He is a messenger, and there is a very real possibility that any vital information you give him could be passed on to...undesirables. You have been warned."

The Starman turns away, giving hardly any attention to the alien behind him.

"You are dismissed."
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"Hello, human. What disturbance have you brought me today? Have you come to yet again become a minor obstruction? I will crush you. You are alone, with no allies. Is it death you wish for? I would be more than happy to oblige."
I am not here to start a fight. I'm here to become part of the army!
The Starman stares suspiciously at Jay for a moment, then begins to speak slowly, cautiously.

"So you say. You must realize that this is not the first time a human has made that request. Twice before we have been betrayed. I do not intend to make the same mistake again. If you are to join the Starmen, you must prove your loyalty."
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Mystical-Kaba Aug 31, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you for the fave!
motheroc-C-Kirsten Aug 31, 2010
(( Hey, I can meet in the chat now if you'd like. c: ))
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